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Par Level Management Series: Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by Crown Linen on July 19, 2018

When it comes to par level management, we’re going to borrow a well-known slogan: Just do it.

Too many properties don’t invest enough time, money and resources into managing their pars, and it makes everyone’s jobs more difficultand it risks making guests less satisfied.

Giving a bit more oomph to the advice of just doing it, here are some par level management do’s and don’ts.

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Inspiring Hospitality Quotes from the Industry’s Best

Posted by Crown Linen on July 12, 2018

We can all use some inspiration every now and then, and hospitality quotes from the industry’s best can be the perfect way to start the day, turn around a bad one or motivate your team.

No one knows more about customer service, guest satisfaction and the important role that hotels play in the world than history’s most legendary hoteliers and current leaders, and fortunately, they’ve got a lot to say about all of it.

Whether you just need a little firing up for yourself or your hotel staff, here are inspiring hospitality quotes from the industry’s best – and from a few extra luminaries as a bonus boost.

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Meet Florida's Leading Hotel Laundry Service Provider [VIDEO]

Posted by Crown Linen on July 5, 2018

Properties who work with us already know: Crown Linen is Florida’s leading hotel laundry service provider because of our commitment to quality and reliability.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Crown Linen and all that we deliver, we’ve got a new way to show you: an Introductory Video.

In just over two minutes, you’ll learn about our history, services and the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry.

Put on your headsets – and grab some popcorn – to watch and learn about Crown Linen.

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Hotel Laundry Hacks: How to Extend Linen Life

Posted by Crown Linen on June 20, 2018

That new shipment of luxury hotel bedding and fluffy towels you got could be with you for just a few washing cycles or until a ripe old age, and much of their lifespan depends on your hotel laundry practices.

While some loss is inevitable – it’s towel souvenir season, after all – there are things you can do to keep linens out of the rag pile as long as possible.

These hotel laundry hacks will help you extend linen life and get the most out of the investment you’ve made in sheets and towels worthy of your property.

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Troubleshooting Hotel Linen Loss & Damage

Posted by Crown Linen on June 19, 2018

All good things must come to an end – including hotel linen – but what happens when your luxury hotel bedding, towels and pool towels leave too soon?

Some loss is inevitable and expected, but if your property is plagued by premature loss or damage, figuring out the cause can be a mystery.

Before you call in Sherlock Holmes, here are some troubleshooting tips to consider for hotel loss and damage.

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Par Level Management Series: How Buying Linens Saves Money

Posted by Crown Linen on June 7, 2018

Spending money on linens in the short term to save money in the long term is one of those par level management secrets you’ll just have to take our word for – for now.

When you see the savings stacking up, you’ll understand how that upfront investment in luxury hotel bedding, guest room and pool towels, and table linens pays off eventually.

For this installment in our par level management series, we investigate the ways that buying linens saves money.

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How to Hold Your Hotel Laundry Provider Accountable

Posted by Crown Linen on May 30, 2018

Working with a hotel laundry provider should be a dream – you’re realizing savings in cost, time and resources and turning over your linens to professionals. 

So if anything about your current laundry contract is keeping you up at night, keep in mind that you do have options for making things better. If you’re still operating an on-premise laundry (OPL) and considering outsourcing, these tips are for you, too.

We're here to help you rest easy with ways to hold your hotel laundry provider accountable.

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Par Level Management Series: Laundry Inventory Best Practices

Posted by Crown Linen on May 24, 2018

Par level management gets its own series not because we’re obsessed with having enough pars – OK, yes, we are – but because we know how important it is to smooth sailing for properties big and small.

The core of strong par level management is good inventory practices, and we’ve found that you can’t have one without the other.

Every property has their own inventory secret sauce, and we’ve pulled together some best practices for successful par level management.

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Topics: Hospitality Facilities Management, On Property Laundry Operations, Par Level Management

Benefits of Outsourcing Hotel Laundry & Overcoming Objections

Posted by Crown Linen on May 22, 2018

For many in the hospitality industry, the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry are clear – substantial savings in money, time and resources – but not everyone is convinced. And they make their objections known.

Complaints and concerns about cost, linen damage and property mix-ups are the most common, as well as some creative what-ifs we won’t even get into.

Overcoming the most common objections is the best way we’ve found to convey the benefits of outsourcing hotel laundry to the unconvinced.

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Hurricane Irma and Why It's So Important to Have Laundry Backup

Posted by Crown Linen on May 16, 2018

With its 17 named storms and 10 hurricanes – including Hurricane Irma – the 2017 season isn’t one we’ll soon forget. We all learned a lot last year about our resilience and willingness to help each other, and one of the other key takeaways for hotels we’d like to address is the importance of having laundry backup. 

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