Take hotel laundry off your plate so you can do what you do best –provide the best possible hotel guest satisfaction.

Save money on hotel laundry service costs. 

Our commercial laundry service helps you save money on equipment, supplies, labor and utilities.

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Save space.

The floor space currently being used to house your hotel laundry equipment can be used to produce more income instead of contributing to cost. 

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Save the planet.

Our modern commercial laundry equipment uses less water, electricity and gas, meaning we efficiently and economically deliver the cleanest and freshest linens. Your hotel can get certified "Green" by using our green commercial laundry service in the great state of Florida.

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We Are Florida’s Leading Hotel Laundry Service Provider

Crown Linen is the leading laundry provider for Florida’s major hospitality hubs. We are a full-service commercial laundry partner for some of the most upscale and respected hotels, resorts and spas across the state. Crown Linen makes it possible for hotels to provide superior linens for their guests, distinguishing themselves in the areas of comfort, luxury, and indulgence. Read more about Crown Linen > 






"COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach has been utilizing Crown Linen as our linen provider since we opened in 2014. They produce quality work, and also great service. Crown Linen's team is available 24 hours a day to assist our operation in any way possible. We have visited their laundry facilities and were impressed with the cleanliness and organization of their operations." - COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach see more customer testimonials >