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4 Reasons Hotel Laundry Service Can Get Linens Cleaner

Posted by Crown Linen on December 5, 2018

Hotel and resort management calls for quality service across multiple areas: Guest service, amenities, food and drink, room management, human resources, marketing – the list goes on. 

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How to Get the Most from Your Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire for Hotel

Posted by Crown Linen on February 7, 2018

The customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel is now a hospitality standard, and most properties even have the process automated so that guests receive a survey prompt via email within several days of their stay.

The upside is having a built-in way to gather guest feedback. The downside is that guests are so used to receiving surveys that they may not fill them out unless something goes amazingly well – or unfortunately awry – which can skew your results.

To keep guests engaged and your staff well informed, here some tips for getting the most from your customer satisfaction questionnaire for hotel.

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Send Your Hotel Customer Service Training to the Laundry

Posted by Crown Linen on December 13, 2017

For years in the industry it made sense to only provide hotel customer service training to customer-facing staff.

But competition both within the traditional hospitality industry and from new-on-the-scene disruptors has made guest satisfaction in hotels a crucial differentiator for properties big and small.

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Make Customer Service the Star of Your Hospitality Training Manual

Posted by Crown Linen on July 27, 2017

Like any good read, a strong hospitality training manual will tell a story, weaving a tale that takes your staff from the beginning of their careers with you to joyful endings for your guests.

Your manual is not only a housekeeping training tool to prepare employees for the tactical parts of their jobs, it’s a way to instill your unique approach to customer service.

To best way to accomplish both of those important goals is to make customer service the star of your hospitality training manual.

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How Better Housekeeping Training Can Lead to Better Guest Satisfaction

Posted by Crown Linen on July 21, 2017

It isn’t visible to the naked eye, but it does exist: The straight line between the strength of your housekeeping training and guest satisfaction. Housekeeping staff may not interact directly with guests much, but the work they do can mean the difference between creating a loyal guest for life or a dissatisfied reviewer who gives you the dreaded one star for cleanliness online. 

Staff across your operation have a role to play in the overall guest experience, and housekeeping perhaps more than anyone. Strong training, backed by a comprehensive hospitality training manual and hotel housekeeping checklist, ensures that you’re consistently building a winning, customer-focused team.

Still waiting for evidence of that invisible line? Keep reading to find out how better housekeeping training can lead to better guest satisfaction. 

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Boost Your Hotel Customer Service Training With Real Reviews

Posted by Crown Linen on June 13, 2017

Good hotel customer service training provides employees with the how of creating exceptional guest experiences, but great training goes a step farther to provide the why.

It’s one thing to train housekeeping staff on how to successfully turn a room and another to provide the real-world consequences from a guest who’s dissatisfied with the cleanliness of their room and says so – loudly – in an online review.  

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10 Things We All Love About Luxury Hotel Rooms

Posted by Crown Linen on December 21, 2016

For many travelers, just the words “luxury hotel room” conjure up memories of that perfect hotel bed, the Jacuzzi big enough to sleep in and oh, those robes. For luxury hotels, creating exceptional guest experiences is the rule, not the exception, and it all comes down to the details.

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5 Green Hotel Practices that Impress Guests

Posted by Crown Linen on August 31, 2016

Travelers are making more eco-friendly choices every year, and that includes opting for a green hotel or hotels with green practices when they’re available. Having a few environmentally-friendly hotel practices in place can set your property apart from the competition and attract guests concerned with reducing their carbon footprint out on the road.

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5 Things About Luxury Hotel Rooms Guests Love

Posted by Crown Linen on August 10, 2016

By the time guests walk into luxury hotel rooms, they’re already feeling the wow: the property is beautiful, check-in was flawless, staff have been outstanding and the anticipation is building for accommodations that exceed the already high expectations.

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How to Build An Effective Hotel Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Posted by Crown Linen on July 27, 2016

In the age of instant feedback via social media and sites like TripAdvisor, it can feel as if you’ve already got plenty of guest opinions to contend with, but to initiate the post-stay conversation with guests yourself, an effective hotel customer satisfaction questionnaire is the best way to go.

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