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Hotel Laundry Hacks: How to Extend Linen Life

Posted by Crown Linen on June 20, 2018

That new shipment of luxury hotel bedding and fluffy towels you got could be with you for just a few washing cycles or until a ripe old age, and much of their lifespan depends on your hotel laundry practices.

While some loss is inevitable – it’s towel souvenir season, after all – there are things you can do to keep linens out of the rag pile as long as possible.

These hotel laundry hacks will help you extend linen life and get the most out of the investment you’ve made in sheets and towels worthy of your property.

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Troubleshooting Hotel Linen Loss & Damage

Posted by Crown Linen on June 19, 2018

All good things must come to an end – including hotel linen – but what happens when your luxury hotel bedding, towels and pool towels leave too soon?

Some loss is inevitable and expected, but if your property is plagued by premature loss or damage, figuring out the cause can be a mystery.

Before you call in Sherlock Holmes, here are some troubleshooting tips to consider for hotel loss and damage.

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Are You Buying the Right Linens for Outsourcing Hotel Laundry Services?

Posted by Crown Linen on May 2, 2018

Outsourcing hotel laundry services is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your property, and while it will make life easier for you and your staff, there are steps you need to take ahead of time to make the most of your investment. 

One of those is making sure you’re outfitted with the right kinds of linens. Not all luxury hotel sheets and towels are made to withstand the rigors of commercial laundry machines, and we’d hate to have you find out the hard way that your current linen stock isn’t going to cut it.

Keep reading for tips to making sure that you’re buying the right linens for outsourcing hotel laundry services.

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Must-Have Features for Green Commercial Laundry Equipment

Posted by Crown Linen on February 23, 2018

Maybe we’ve been watching too many movies, but from our perspective, green commercial laundry equipment is the hospitality industry’s biggest eco-friendly superhero.

The right equipment saves water, energy, waste, resources and tens of thousands of dollars per year per property the world over. And even small adjustments in functionality and programming can make a big difference over the lifespan of the machines.

With the idea in mind that not all super heroes wear capes – some have tunnel washer technology – here are must-have features for green commercial laundry equipment.

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Training Topics to Protect Your Luxury Hotel Bedding

Posted by Crown Linen on August 24, 2017

Your luxury hotel bedding is one of your property’s signature amenities. Guests rave about how soft the sheets are, how well they sleep and how pampered they feel. They’re so impressed, they shop your linens in the gift shop to replicate your Hotel Bed experience at home. 

The proper care of such an important – and costly – investment deserves its own place in your housekeeping training program, especially if you want to maximize your linens’ lifecycle.

Here are training topics to keep in mind to protect your luxury hotel bedding.

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