State-of-the-art laundering facilities in Florida

Crown Linen plants are professional, quality-controlled, and strategically located throughout the state. Every day, thousands of linens are processed through our rigid laundry protocols, sterilized to the highest standards, and freshened to the brightest whites.

Each of five facilities operate 24-hours a day and feature the latest in high quality laundry technology in washing, sanitizing, ironing, and packaging for:

  • Quality standardization  
  • Control over all stages of washing & drying process
  • Customizable formulas per customer
  • Best in class finishing for perfect bed presentation
  • Perfect packaging to increase room attendant productivity  
  • Increased life span of linen 

Our facilities include

  • High-efficiency boilers and dryers powered by natural gas
  • Teams of trained laundry professionals
  • Batch water integrity tunnels and recycling systems
  • Engineering expertise to keep the plant operating continuously

Our facilities locations:

Crown Linen Miami >

3235 NW 62nd Street
Miami, FL  33147

Crown Linen Orlando >

7491 Brokerage Drive
Orlando, FL  32809

Crown Linen Fort Myers >

3307 Hanson Street
Fort Myers, FL 33916

Crown Linen Haines City >

255 Dyson Road
Haines City, FL 33844

Crown Linen Bradenton >

6011 31st St E
Bradenton, FL 34203


"The Metropolitan by Como Miami Beach as been utilizing Crown Linen as our linen provider since we opened in 2014. They produce quality work, and also great service. Crown Linen's team is available 24 hours a day to assist our operation in any way possible. We have visited their laundry facilities and were impressed with the cleanliness and organization of their operations." - The Metropolitan by Como Miami Beach 

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