Jensen equipment for reliable, cost-effective hospitality linen services

BRS10254.pngOur choice of equipment is driven by our customers' needs: we've invested in optimal-performance, ultra high-capacity Jensen products that allow us to meet the demands of the hospitality sector with unbeatable cost-effectiveness. 

Our industrial Jensen equipment includes:

  • Futurail Automated Laundry Handling Solutions for soiled and clean linen
  • Jenfold Tematic Pro for fully automatic folding, sorting and stacking of towels
  • Senking Universal, the versatile continuous batch washer that reuses energy and water internally for sustainable hospitality
  • Jenfeed Logic 2000 high-production, large piece feeder with multiple feeding stations
  • Jensen Jet Folder, the extremely simple and versatile folding machine
  • Jenroll EXPG, providing optimal energy efficiency through self-contained oil-gas heating
  • Jenfold Classic S high-speed combination folder
  • Jenstack Drape & Store with high capacity for small linen 

Learn more about the services that Crown Linen provides using Jensen equipment.