Crown Linen supports sustainable hospitality with our green hotel linen service

iStock_88647075_SMALL.jpgOur green hospitality laundry service in Florida helps save clients time, money, resources, and floor space.

We also focus on sustainable laundry services with equipment and practices that use less water and less energy – all at no added expense to clients.

Crown Linen’s Green Initiative is environment-focused throughout every step of the laundry process.


Crown Linen washrooms are equipped with tunnel-washer technology and internal recycling systems. Crown Linen also uses waste water reclamation systems based on microfiltration technologies to continually reduce the amount of fresh water consumed. As a result, Crown Linen uses four times less water than conventional washers.

Natural Gas Power 

Crown Linen uses high-efficient boilers to generate steam for our irons and natural gas for our commercial dryers. In addition, our dryers are designed to turn off when they sense linens are dry, thus reducing run times.


Our laundry equipment is designed to run with minimal electricity, and our plants use energy-efficient lighting that turns off automatically when not in use.

Cleaning Agents

Crown Linen uses Ecolab chemicals that are 100% biodegradable. Precision pumps dole out specified amounts, further reducing waste and build up. As a result, Crown Linen preserves the integrity of linens, while protecting the environment.

If you want to outsource your laundry – and go green – contact us.

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